The route of MTB Singletrack Marathon .... 

connects the most beautiful recreational areas in   around Košice and   is undoubtedly the most technically demanding MTB marathon route in Slovakia.

As   spectators, you have the opportunity to see the best Slovak and foreign MTB riders or your enthusiasts or favorites in several places. Taking pictures, encouraging   and   at the same time combining it with   a trip on foot or by bike, having refreshments at some of the   cabins through which the route passes is a guarantee for a day full of experiences.    

We have selected for you a list of the   most interesting places on the route   with   descriptions and maps, which are definitely worth visiting during the marathon.  

1. Lajoška

is a very attractive place on the track as it is on the 6th kilometer after the start. Athletes will pass this place in large groups in a short time. At the top is a Mountain Premium (KOM)   and   it guarantees a nice duel of the best. The drummers also like fans, and   they create a great atmosphere.
You can get to the cottage Lajoška from   Jahodná on foot in about 1 hour following the red tourist sign, or a little faster by bike.

Crossing of competitors from long and medium distances - 10:20 -10:45
Crossing of short track competitors - 11:40 -12:10



You will experience the atmosphere of the race in the start and finish area. You can be at the start of individual routes and   then when the best or your favorite is reached.
In the meantime, you can fill the time by watching children's races.

Start of the long and   middle distance - 10:00
Start of the short distance and Family - 11:30
Children's races -   from 13:00 to 14:00
Arrival of the first competitor on the short distance - 12:30
Arrival of the first racer on the middle distance - 12:20
Arrival of the first racer on the long distance - 13:20


3. Singletrack and Flowtrail DAVIDOFF

A new technical and very attractive section on the track  ,
which is located 1km from the parking lot in Bankov. At the bottom of the trail is a new unique first Slovak FLOWTRAIL
Ideal for cheering and   photography  . [Nbsp]

The crossing of competitors from the medium and   long distances is between   11:00 - 12:00



You have several options at the Bankov recreation area.
With a glass of beer or kofola, you can watch the race directly from the table in the   buffet of Živánska Koliba above the parking lot.
However, just walk a few 100 meters into the forest and you will find interesting technical passages, such as the famous "serpentines". [Nbsp]
From there, the easiest way to get to "Flowtrail Davidoff" or "Hill of Truth"    

Crossing of competitors:   11:20 -13:00


5. Singletrack JAHODA

One of the   most beautiful   natural singletracks   on the track, which runs parallel to   the main road from the Jahodná saddle to the Jahodná recreation center, is therefore easily accessible on foot, by bike   and by car.

Crossing of competitors from   long and   middle distances:   11:45 - 14:00


6. Cottage HREŠNÁ

An ideal place if you want to combine watching the race with   a walking or cycling trip and a pleasant sitting   with   a beautiful view of the cottage  .
Only competitors from   the long route   cross this place   at greater distances and   stop at the refreshment for a while. Since it is 15km before the finish line, thhey need your encouragement the most.
From the cottage, they continue along the new singletrack "hriešny and hriešny flow"     towards  to the Alpinka recreational area.  

Crossing of long distance competitors:   12:30 - 15:00    

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