About the tracks...

Various legends are circulating about the MTB Singletrack Marathon route ...
Somewhere in the southern regions, among beginners, it is said that enduro tracks are run here and   some sections need to be walked (yes, supposedly down the hill!). Those well-founded in singletrack things make fun of them   and   they say they ride here with the comfort of their eyes closed.
The truth will be somewhere in the middle. In any case, there is a claim among the marathon community that it is the most beautiful and   enjoyable marathon route, not only in Slovakia. [Nbsp]
Be that as it may, study the routes carefully before you start. Mainly refreshment places, rescue places and time limits on the track.          
It's not important to get off to a good start but healthy and laughing to reach the finish line and come back next time again!
WARNING ! Some sections of the route lead along a protected area of ​​the 3rd category and on sidewalks where, according to the Forest Act, cyclists are not allowed to move. The exception is valid only   during the official training on the track and on the   day of the race from 10:00 to 16:00! We ask you to respect these facts and to observe the general rules on protection and movement in nature. [Nbsp]
We thank you!

80km ( 77km/ 2140m)

Are you an experienced fighter? do you love singletracks? Want to see the best we have here? [Nbsp]
So this route is for you. [Nbsp]   It is intended for trained and more technically proficient bikers   and singletrack lovers.
But less trained enthusiasts who love challenges and like to win over themselves will definitely get their money's worth.
By completing this route, you can proudly report to the right bikers.
The route is identical to the 50 km route until 41.km. [Nbsp] In addition, there is a circuit through Vysoký Vrch, which passes through the protected area of ​​Cierna Hora, through the cottage Hrešná and the trail Hriešny + flow. It ends with the most beautiful, oldest natural singletrack, the Hunting Trail Michalkov.
ATTENTION! the time limit is a bit stricter (refreshment behind the passage of the Jahodná saddle (41.km), 14:00 (4h from the start).

There is a   mountain bonus   Lajoška   and a technical bonus   Kopec Pravdy on the track.

SINGLETRACK MARATÓN KOŠICE | Vytrvalostné preteky na horských bicykloch

50km ( 48km/ 1360m )

The best we have at home! [Nbsp] Up to 60% of the route leads on singletracks and KE-CY cycle tracks  
It is unique not only in Slovakia, but also in the world. [Nbsp] with the unique Flow trail Davidoff.
You need higher technical skills for this track. But the singletracks are incorporated into the route so that they are
above all playful and fun, not extreme.   We place maximum emphasis on the safety and passability of trails.  
You don't have to be a top racer! The time limit on the track is generous (saddle Jahodná (41.km) 15:00 5 hours from the start),
so you can complete it at a relaxed pace and enjoy it to the fullest.  

There is a   mountain bonus   Lajoška   and a technical bonus   Kopec Pravdy on the track.

20km ( 22km/560m )

Počul si o singletrackoch a chceš to skúsiť ? 
Najkratšia trasa je určená pre amatérov a rodiny s deťmi, ktorí s horskou cyklistikou začínajú a chcú si užiť
pohodovú pretekársku atmosféru. Na trase vystúpáš na na chatu Lajoška ale potom ťa čaká už len zábava
a možno tvoje prvé singletracky .  Či to pôjdeš s deťmi alebo na elektrobikuzážitok je zaručený !

profil 20KM

Track marking

According to the UCI rules: direction arrows (boards with the white backround) show the next changes of the track, the crossroads and all the potential dangerous situations. The supplementary marking: by means of PE strips and colorful direction arrows sprayed with the striking sprey colour on the surface and the stable objects on the track. Also special and interesting parts of the track, premiums and the refreshment zones will be marked.



Drinks and bottles on the track are provided by Davorin s.r.o. and Powerbar. 120pcs of Powerbar bottles will be prepared at the Lajoška Jahodná, Bankov and Hrešná  refreshment points, filled with Powerbar hypotonic drink "Powerbar 5 electrolytes".

  • „80km“ – 5x +finish
  • „50km“ – 3x +finish
  • „20km“ – 1x +finish

Start / Finish area

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