Everything began on the bike... We biked a lot and with passion, we were riding in our free time in the woods of Košice, participating in the races in Slovakia and abroad.
After some time we decided to delight our friends and also us and after years of competing and experiences we tried not only to participate in the races but also to organize them..
This is how Autumn MTB XC Series 2012 in the neighbourhood of Košice came into existence. Little by little the action for our friends became prestige and favorite serial of five XC races not only for the citizens from Košice but also for the people from the broader neighbourhood, even for the foreign racers. A series is for everybody who likes to bike and wants to try also to participate in some race. It is an excellent occasion not only to take a part in the competition but also to learn something, to get to know other cyclists and racers. The part of the series are also the races for the children, maybe the future slovak representants.

SINGLETRACK MARATÓN KOŠICE | Vytrvalostné preteky na horských bicykloch

Immediately after the first succesful year, in autumn 2012, the Slovak Cycling Association made us an interesting proposal, namely to organize Slovakia Cross Country Championships.
It was a big challenge. Together with the racers from JumpSport Club and Košický Šarkaň and with the support from many of the sponzors and friends we managed to prepare an excellent event with difficult and beautiful track and wonderful spectator coulisse. It was a huge experience, we have learned a lot, and positive responses have motivated us to continue. In autumn 2013 we organized also Slovak Cup in cyclo – cross. In autumn 2014 we were offered to take over the organization of the Košice Bike Marathon.

And so thanks to our general partner Škoda auto Gábriel, to many our supporters and friends, we entered the season of year 2014 with the new concept of the bike race series in the neighbourhood of Košice...We will be happy, if this cycling „esprit“ will become larger and if as many peaople as possible fall for this beautiful sport. We will try from year to year to improve these events, to create traditions, pleasant coulisse, racing atmosphere and what is the most important, to have nevertheless a pleasure from biking..  

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